JD Vance Fraud For Ohio

JD Vance Sided With Putin And Now He May Lose The Ohio Senate GOP Primary

Ohio Republican Senate candidate JD Vance has gone from conservative darling to potential also ran in part because he outed himself as Putin GOP.

As Greg Sargent wrote in The Washington Post:

Vance was originally scheduled to be keynote speaker at an upcoming dinner held by the Minnesota Republican Party. Then, without any explanation, his speech was abruptly canceled, and the party replaced him with another speaker.

Now Republicans are asking if Vance was canceled because of his controversial declaration about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Last month, Vance said, “I don’t really care what happens to Ukraine one way or another.”

Whether this led to Vance’s cancellation is related to a larger unresolved issue. Vance’s Senate candidacy is struggling — he trails multiple GOP primary rivals — and it might ultimately get canceled entirely by GOP primary voters when they choose a nominee this spring.

Vance is backed by billionaire Peter Thiel and at one time looked like he was not only going to win the Ohio Senate Republican primary but also the seat of retiring Republican Sen. Rob Portman in November.

JD Vance is currently stuck in third place in the latest Fox News Poll of the state. He trails Mike Gibbons by 11 points and Josh Mandel by 9 points. Part of the issue for Vance is that he decided to go the Trump/Putin GOP route with his campaign. He dumped the Hillbilly Elegy right-wing populism and became another right-wing extremist in a suit backed by a billionaire who refuses to condemn Putin.

Vance bet on Putin and Trump and gamble to cost him the GOP Senate primary in Ohio.

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