When Josh Hawley Tries To Smear Ketanji Brown Jackson, Democrats Must Remind America He Is Under 1/6 Investigation

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) has been smearing Biden SCOTUS nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, so Democrats need to remind America that Hawley is under investigation for supporting the 1/6 attack.

Hawley completely distorted Judge Jackson’s record in a lengthy Twitter threat where he claimed that she is soft on child predators. Instead of repeating Hawley’s smears, here is what The Washington Post found when it fact-checked his claims:

Hawley is still leaving out significant context in his thread. He uses snippets of quotes, pretends a bipartisan recommendation is Jackson’s alone and then ignores a variety of factors — such as probation recommendations and out-of-date guidelines — that might result in lower sentences. In his zeal, he also ignores a long debate within the legal community about whether the current guidelines are appropriate.

Democrats Need To Let America Know Who Josh Hawley Is

Hawley and Ted Cruz are both under ethics investigations for their roles in inciting the 1/6 attack. Hawley got very nervous about the FBI’s ability to track cell phone data of 1/6 participants during a hearing.

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Hawley voted against Asian-Americans hate crimes legislation, and he has been blocking Biden’s Defense Department nominees while there is a war going on in Ukraine, as he has made statements that contain Russian propaganda.

Josh Hawley has given Democrats more than enough material, so if the Missouri Senator wants to smear Judge Jackson during her confirmation hearings, he should be prepared for America to learn some facts about his own behavior.

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