Eric Trump Has A Meltdown Because Joe Biden Rode A Bike

Eric Trump is trying to find anything to get people on the right mad about, and he picked Joe Biden riding a bike.


Eric Trump said on Hannity:

In a world where you almost have World War III, all the problems you guys have been talking on the show, all the problems domestically, and the guy’s literally riding a beach cruiser around the place. My father would be giving speeches in front of F-35s talking about how he’s building the greatest military the world’s ever seen.

He’d be out there lobbying for defense funding so he could rebuild the military. He’d be talking about rebuilding the nuclear arsenals. He’d be taking out Soleimani or all of these bad guys around the world. Believe me, that was sending a true message of strength, and by the way, he was doing it with conviction. He was doing it with energy. He was doing it with passion, and he was doing it with strength, which is what you would expect from an American president. When you see a guy riding a beach cruiser in the middle of the day, this is the Commander in Chief of the United States of America. What message does that send the world?

Nowhere in Eric Trump’s rant did he say that his father would be taking on Putin or building an international coalition to fight the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Eric Trump is furious because his father would never ride a bike with him.

If Donald Trump was still president. He would be sending a message to the world by repeating Putin’s propaganda from a golf course three to four days a week.

The Trumps need something to keep the right angry, but this faux rage over Biden biking is embarrassingly silly.


Eric Trump freaks out over Biden riding a bike
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