Freedom Convoy Truckers Are Getting Sick

The Truckers In The DC Convoy Are Dropping Like Flies With What Sounds Like COVID

Truckers in the DC convoy that is protesting masks and vaccines are now getting very sick with something that sounds like COVID.

Zachary Petrizzo of The Daily Beast tweeted:

I am not saying that these truckers have COVID, but do you know what happens when a lot of unvaccinated people get together in close quarters?

The odds that they get and spread COVID go up dramatically.

The leader of the trucker convoy looks really smart by making the decision to go home and take a break.

I am not a doctor. I don’t play one on TV, but we are still in the midst of a pandemic, and the people who are getting sick are bragging about not being vaccinated.

One does not have to have a medical degree to guess that some of these folks might have COVID.

The truckers have been defeated by rain and traffic jams, so it is not shocking that some mystery illness that can’t be called COVID for certain would be wiping them out.

The truckers drove laps around DC, and all they got for their trouble was possible cases of COVID.


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