Tom Cotton Humiliates Himself With Gibberish Nonsense Buzzwords At Jackson Hearing

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) is running for president in 2024, which means that he spent his opening statement at the Jackson confirmation hearing pandering to the far-right with gibberish.


Cotton said:

These threats to the rule of law are not merely theoretical. We are witnessing a breakdown of society. There are many Americans who no longer feel safe today. Parents are scared to walk down the streets that used to be free from crime. In 2000, anarchists, rioters, and left-wing street militias raged across the country. And murders increased at the fastest rate in history. And in the first year of the Biden administration, violent crime got even worse. It’s no coincidence that this violence came as localities and states push to defund the police and reduce the punishment for criminals.

Career criminals or committing violent crimes and going free. Under the guise of a supposedly more equitable justice system. And liberal judges who have more sympathy for the victimizers than for the victims or a big part of the problem. 

The Biden administration is committed to the soft on crime policies, like ending cash bail to create a catch and release system for violent criminals. Progressive Soros prosecutors, who are supported by the Biden administration have nullified entire sections of law to destroy our criminal justice system from within.

The consequences are obvious. Skyrocketing violent crime, embolden gangs and drug overdoses, reaching numbers never before saying in American history. If judge Jackson has confirmed her decisions will have a direct impact on the safety of the American people. So we’re gonna look at her past decisions and her statements.

Tom Cotton somehow managed to outdo his fellow 2024 Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who used his opening statement to defend Republican SCOTUS nominees accused of sexual harassment and sexual assault, Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh.

Cotton was embarrassingly spewing gibberish right-wing buzzwords, conservative media conspiracy theories, and generally not making sense to anyone outside of the right-wing media bubble.

Sen. Cotton’s desperation to create the soundbite that would get him on Fox News was showing.

The one takeaway from the Republican opening statements at this hearing is that they can find little to question about Judge Jackson’s judicial record, so they are using the platform to rant and rave about whatever else they hope will benefit their political ambitions.