DC Trucker convoy peeing themselves while stuck in traffic

DC Convoy Truckers Are Peeing Themselves While Stuck In Traffic

The DC trucker convoy members are complaining that keep stuck in traffic and are having to pee their pants.

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The truckers are angry over peeing themselves while stuck in traffic, so they want to perform citizens arrests on DC drivers and even police officers.

Zachary Petrizzo of The Daily Beast tweeted:

The truckers are getting sick with something that could be COVID. Their leader quit and went home, and now they are mad because they are peeing their pants while stuck in traffic, so they want to start illegally trying to arrest DC drivers and even Metro police officers.

The Trump supporters thought that they were going to come to DC stage a massive protest. Instead, they have become a running joke. These so-called patriots can’t even hold a protest without literally urinating on themselves.
The trucker protest has been a massive failure, and the truckers are getting annoyed. The Trump supporters need to go home, and if they do try to start arresting people, they are going to end up in jail.

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