Cory Booker and Ketanji Brown Jackson cry during confirmation hearing

Cory Booker And Ketanji Brown Jackson Cry During Emotion Hearing Moment

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) and Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson cried while discussing her historic nomination during Booker’s question period.

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This is how Booker closed his remarks:

Don’t worry, my sister. Don’t worry. God has got you. And how do I know that? Because you’re here. And I know what it’s taken for you to sit in that seat. 

Harriet Tubman is one of my heroes because the more I read about this person, the more — I mean she was viciously beaten. Her whole life she used to fall into spells. Cracked skull. She faced starvation, chased by dogs, and when she got to freedom, what did she do? Rest? No. She went back. Again and again and again. The star was — the sky was full of stars. But she found one that was a harbinger of hope. For better days, not just for her and those people that were enslaved, but a harbinger of hope for this country. She never gave up on America. She fought led troops in the Civil War. She was involved in the suffrage movement. And as I came back from my run after being near assaulted by someone on the street, I thought about her. And how she looked up. She kept looking up, no matter what they did to her, never stopped looking up. And that star was a harbinger of hope. 

Today you’re my star. You are my harbinger of hope. This country is getting better and better and better. And when that final vote happens and you ascend on to the highest court in the land, I’m going to rejoice. And I’m going to tell you right now, the greatest country in the world, the United States of America, will be better because of you.

The word historic is thrown around too easily in our modern society, but Sen. Booker reminded us all of what a truly historic event looks like.

Booker was correct the country will be different once Judge Jackson becomes Justice Jackson because the 21.7 black women all across America will see someone like them sitting in the highest court in the land. A barrier will be broken down, and America will take a long-overdue step toward progress.

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