Joe Biden Shows The World That He Still Owns Trump

President Biden was asked at his press conference in Europe if he fears Trump returning and undoing his policies, and the President showed his total ownership of Trump.

Video of the full question to Biden and answer:

It was the last part of Biden’s answer that was telling:

The point is the first G7 meeting I attended, like the one I did today, was in Great Britain. I sat down and said America is back. One of my counterparts, colleagues, said, “For how long? ” I don’t blame or criticize anyone for asking that question, but the next election I would be very fortunate if I had the same man running against me.

Biden has no fear of running against Trump, and his remarks were intended to tell US allies that they also should not worry about the failed former twice impeached President returning and turning American foreign policy back into a dumpster fire.

Joe Biden owns Donald Trump. The President knows it. Trump knows it. Donald Trump was rightly afraid and obsessing over Joe Biden challenging him for years. Like any fake, Trump is scared of authenticity.

The domestic political climate should look much different in 2024 than it does today, and if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, President Biden should feel confident about his odds of winning a second term.