Sen. Richard Blumenthal Wants Justice Thomas To Testify Before The 1/6 Committee

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) wants Justice Clarence Thomas to voluntarily testify before the 1/6 Committee.

CBS’s Robert Acosta reported that Blumenthal told him that he would like Justice Thomas to voluntarily agree to testify before the 1/6 Committee.

Video of Acosta’s report:

Sen. Blumenthal also tweeted:

Sen. Blumenthal asked some very good questions. Why didn’t Justice Thomas recuse himself in the Trump records case? Thomas should not be on the bench to hear cases involving the 2020 election through the 1/6 attack.

One gets the sense that Clarence and Ginni Thomas have compromised the Supreme Court and that it is a danger to democracy for Justice Thomas to remain on the Supreme Court.

Something very wrong happened, and Ginni Thomas is in the middle of it.

Sen. Blumenthal spent 20 years working as the Connecticut Attorney General. He was suggesting that Justice Thomas should be a cooperating witness. More importantly, his comments imply that the Justice has information that the 1/6 Committee needs to hear.