Trump’s Drunk Doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson Goes Off On Deranged Biden Rant

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) went off on a deranged rant listing numerous false conspiracy theories about Biden being compromised.

Jackson tweeted:

One might remember Ronny Jackson as Trump’s White House doctor who held a press conference to beam about the then president’s great health, but Jackson has a very dark history.

Jackson was drunk on the job as the White House physician. 

Rep. Jackson was also accused of medical misconduct involving Mike Pence’s wife, Karen.

After being forced to withdraw from consideration to be Trump’s VA secretary, Jackson went back to Texas where he got elected to the House and judging from his tweets, his problems have continued.

In a House Republican caucus that is full of seditionists, child sex traffickers, and convicted felons, Ronny Jackson has found a way to make himself stand out. I am not a doctor, but it sure seems like something is not right with Ronny Jackson, and what does the fact that he is a sitting member of Congress say about the district that elected him?

The most corrupt White House in history happened under Donald Trump. Jackson should know. He was there. Jackson’s tweet was a complete revision of history to blame Biden for everything that Trump has been accused of.

The person who is compromised is Rep. Ronny Jackson.

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