DC Trucker Convoy Falls Apart As Their Leader Runs Away

The DC trucker convoy is crumbling as their leader announced that he was leaving but denied running away.

The Daily Beast’s Zachary Petrizzo tweeted:

The convoy was stopped on Saturday by a cherry blossom festival. 

The group has no leadership, no goal, and no plan for an actual protest. They are a group of angry Trump supporters hanging out and marinating their resentments.

There have been many failed conservative protests over the last few years, but none have had the combination of longevity and pointlessness that has become the hallmark of the “Freedom Convoy.”

The truckers should realize that they have the freedom to go home.

They have accomplished nothing but peeing themselves, assaulting bikers, and driving in circles.

The protest that Republicans thought would mobilize voter anger at Democrats and give them momentum heading into the midterm election has been a dud.

Fox News and conservative media have abandoned the truckers, as the right has moved on.

The convoy leader denied running away as he headed for home, as the DC truckers represent how difficult it is for Republicans to motivate their voters when they have nothing but anger and bitterness over previous defeats to fuel them.

DC Trucker convoy peeing themselves while stuck in traffic
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