Claire McCaskill Rips The Press For Ridiculous Biden News Conference

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill told White House reporters to do better after they asked Biden the same question over and over again.

McCaskill tweeted:

Considering that the President’s appearance was about his budget proposal, reporters should have tried to ask some questions about the President’s spending priorities for the country over the next year.

The press conference was basically reporters trying to make something out of Biden saying that Putin should not remain in power and Peter Doocy trying to make Fox News talking points stick. 

The press corps still acts like it is questioning Trump and seeking entertainment instead of substance.

The questions at presidential press conferences have been growing more embarrassing for years.

Reporters come to these events trying to create moments that will be used on their platforms. They are all chasing that golden clip that will get played over and over again on cable news.

There are serious that should be asked. Such as, what will Biden do to get his tax on the richest Americans included in the budget?

How does the Biden budget impact inflation?

There was precious little substance offered to the American people by the journalists in the room.

Biden needs to keep doing these events because it is good for democracy to see the President asking questions, no matter repetitive and unimaginative they may be.