Ivanka Trump Uses Ukraine To Distract From Fraud Investigation

Ivanka Trump pulled a page out of her father’s book by resurfacing to announce meal donations to Ukraine while she is a target of a fraud investigation.


Trump announced that he had worked with partners to donate over 1 million meals to Ukraine. It is great that she is helping the people of Ukraine, but the video itself is odd and floating out there, seemingly not attached to anything.

Ivanka Trump’s actions would be more meaningful if she had not worked  in an administration that withheld aid to Ukraine while under Russian attack because her father wanted to blackmail the Ukrainians into making dirt on Joe Biden.

There is also the not-so-small matter of the New York State fraud investigation that Ivanka Trump has been named in that is probing the business practices of the Trump Organization.

Ivanka Trump would rather focus on the meals that she is donating to Ukraine and not the scandal and fraud that she and her family are wrapped up in.

The video is a sign that the Trumps are plotting their political comeback, but they can’t make the crimes of the past and scandals of the present disappear.

Ivanka Trump announces meals for Ukraine
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