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Ted Cruz tries to blow up the debt ceiling deal

John Eastman Forced To Turn Over 1/6 Evidence Against Ted Cruz

John Eastman will now have to turn over emails implicating Sen. Ted Cruz in the plot to overturn the election.

Eastman had requested that the court not force him to turn over all emails with the name Cruz in them.

According to The Washington Post:

Eastman is fighting efforts by the committee to obtain emails that contain the word “Cruz,” among other search terms.

The judge has denied his request and ordered the lawyer who was plotting with Trump to turn all of the requested emails over to the 1/6 Committee.

Ted Cruz was already being investigated by the 1/6 Committee. It likely wasn’t out of the goodness of his heart that Eastman tried to protect Cruz, even though the two men have been close for decades.

Eastman’s motivations likely run much deeper than a desire to protect the Texas Senator that he has been close to for decades. Judge David O. Carter referred to Eastman and Cruz’s plan as obviously illegal, which means that Ted Cruz could have committed crimes to keep Donald Trump in power.

Eastman will now have to turn over evidence that could implicate Ted Cruz in an illegal plot to overturn an election. The judge’s ruling is a bad day for John Eastman, but it also could be the first step in a world of trouble for Ted Cruz.

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