Republicans Are Livid After Madison Cawthorn Accuses Them Of Holding Orgies

House Republicans unloaded on Kevin McCarthy as they are outraged that Rep. Madison Cawthorn accused them of holding orgies.

Politico reported:

During a closed-door House GOP conference meeting on Tuesday, multiple Republicans in the room said lawmakers stood up to air their anger and frustration over Cawthorn portraying his own colleagues as bacchanalian and sexual deviants.

In one case, Rep. Steve Womack (R-Ark.) stood up and addressed his colleagues, telling them that he rarely speaks during the closed-door weekly meetings but felt he must address the topic because he’s now getting questions about participants in Cawthorn’s alleged orgies and drug use. Womack remarked that many lawmakers go to bed at 9 p.m. and still use fax machines and flip phones, stating that it was inappropriate to paint them with a broad brush, as Cawthorn did.

Rep. Cawthorn bizarrely accused House Republicans of holding orgies and engaging in drug use.

Kevin McCarthy’s response to the outrage from members of his caucus was to promise to talk to Cawthorn about it. Some House Republicans are demanding that Rep. Cawthorn back up his claims by naming names, and others are reportedly dumbfounded that the North Carolina Congressman would make such allegations.

Cawthorn made his claims after being arrested again for driving with a suspended license. Madison Cawthorn could be facing weeks in jail, as he has multiple tickets for speeding and driving with a suspended license.

Cawthorn might be trying to cover up for his own behavior with an allegation about his fellow House Republicans. Cawthorn’s fellow House Republicans are enraged, and they will likely want more from Cawthorn than having to listen to a lecture from McCarthy.