Biden Says Indications Are Putin Has Arrested Advisers Over Ukraine Failure

President Biden said that there are indications that Putin is self-isolating and has fired or placed some of his advisers under house arrest due to the failures in Ukraine.


When asked about Putin being misinformed by his advisers, the President answered, ” That’s an open question. There’s a lot of speculation, but he seems to be — I’m not saying this with a certainty — he seems to be self-isolating, and there’s some indication that he has fired or put under house arrest some of his advisors. But I don’t want to put too much stock in that at this time because we don’t have that much hard evidence. ”

Biden made it very clear that the US doesn’t have a lot of hard evidence about what is happening inside the Kremlin, but things clearly are not going well for Putin and his advisors.

The Russians thought that they could roll through Ukraine in a matter of days, but the world is now heading into months, and the Russians are giving back territory that they had gained.

Putin made the choice to invade Ukraine, and apparently, he is punishing his advisors for his bad decision-making.

Vladimir Putin is losing and taking out his failures on those around him.