Merrick Garland speaks about the 1/6 investigation

DOJ Is Criminally Investigating Trump’s Illegal Electors

The Department of Justice is criminally investigating Trump’s slates of fake electors that he tried to use to overturn the election.

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The New York Times reported:

One of the subpoenas, which was reviewed by The New York Times, sought information about people “classified as VIP attendees” at Mr. Trump’s Jan. 6 rally.

It also sought information about members of the executive and legislative branches who had been involved in the “planning or execution of any rally or any attempt to obstruct, influence, impede or delay” the certification of the 2020 election.

And it asked about the effort by Trump supporters to put forward alternate slates of electors as Mr. Trump and his allies were seeking to challenge the certification of the Electoral College outcome by Congress on Jan. 6.

As more details trickle out, Attorney General Garland was true to his word when he talked about building the DOJ’s 1/6 cases from the bottom up.

The slates of illegal electors are interesting because the electors all seemed to have documents that came from a centralized source. Whether that source was, Donald Trump’s campaign or the Trump White House has not been determined, but the fake Trump electors tried to pass themselves off as the real thing, which is a crime.

The fake electors scheme will likely criminally connect Trump’s name to the plot to overturn the election.

AG Garland theoretically has years to complete his investigation, but it appears that the DOJ has been much busier than many people thought investigating the Capitol attack.


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