Mike Pence lies about Biden's budget

Mike Pence Resurfaces To Lie His Backside Off About Biden’s Budget

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:50 pm

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Former Vice President Mike Pence made several false and misleading claims about Biden’s budget as he tries to run for president.


Pence said, “The administration came forward this week with a budget that actually cuts military spending and raises taxes by $2.5 trillion. Our freedom agenda that we unveiled this morning, let’s not raise taxes. Let’s make the Trump/Pence tax cuts permanent.”

The Biden Budget Increases Military Spending And Raises Taxes On The Wealthy

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Biden budget increases military spending, “The administration is seeking $813 billion for military spending in fiscal year 2023, which begins Oct. 1, a roughly 4% increase from the $782 billion enacted for this fiscal year. Budget figures aren’t adjusted for inflation. The requested increase is more than double than the 1.6% boost the administration sought for military spending in last year’s budget.”

Pence misled on the Biden plan to raise taxes. Biden wants to increase the tax rate on top earners by 2.6%. Biden wants to tax the wealthiest Americans. When Pence called for making the Trump tax cuts permanent, what he was really suggesting was making tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans permanent.

Mike Pence thinks that he can be elected president, even though many Trump supporters think that he is the anti-Christ.

Pence is not going to be the Republican nominee, but he did show off his one political skill, which is the ability to fluently lie while wrapping himself in an aura of smug right-wing evangelical Christianity.

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