Biden Adds More Jobs In 14 Months Than Trump’s Entire 4 Years

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:50 pm

Trump called himself a “jobs president,” but Biden has added more jobs in 14 months than Trump did in four years.

Here is the chart:

Since Biden took office,  the economy has created 7.9 million jobs, unemployment has fallen to 3.6%, and nearly half a million manufacturing jobs have been created.

Biden is doing everything that Trump promised to do but never did. Trump already had the economy headed for a recession before his negligent COVID response pushed it off of the cliff.

The new numbers are a reminder that Democrats create jobs and Republicans kill them with trickle-down economics, deficit spending, and tax cuts for the rich.

Inflation remains a problem, but it will come down now that the Fed is acting and Congress is getting serious about tackling the problem.

Since 1989, 95% of US job growth has come during Democratic presidencies. 

If Democrats can get inflation and gas prices under control before the midterm election, things might not look so good for Republicans.

The economy is poised for an unprecedented boom.

Donald Trump spent years talking about everything he was going to do for the economy, but all Trump accomplished was tax cuts for the rich and leaving office with the worst jobs record in modern US history.

Joe Biden is the jobs president that Donald Trump wishes he was.

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