Conor Lamb Gets Ugly On John Fetterman In PA Democratic Senate Primary

Rep. Conor Lamb accused Lt. Gov. John Fetterman of skipping an upcoming debate because he is avoiding questions about a 2013 incident in Braddock.

Lamb tweeted:

The Fetterman campaign responded, “There are better ways to handle losing an election than what Conor Lamb is doing. Every day it gets harder and harder for Conor Lamb to keep screaming that he is a winner when he’s clearly losing this race.”

The latest Emerson College Poll found that Fetterman leads Lamb 33%-10%, but 37% of Democratic primary voters are undecided.

The high number of undecided primary voters is why Lamb is going on the attack. The congressman thinks that he can peel off black primary voters by bringing up the 2013 incident.

If Rep. Lamb were winning, he wouldn’t care if Fetterman would be at the debate at Muhlenberg College on Sunday. Fetterman is already doing three other debates in the month of April, so it is strains credibility to believe that he is skipping this one debate because he is afraid to answer questions about the incident, but he is doing three others.

Conor Lamb is currently losing the primary, and if he goes scorched earth on Fetterman, it could cost Democrats votes in the general election. Fetterman’s claim that he was protecting his family could play very well with voters in the state, especially Western and Central PA rural voters.

Lamb is starting to look a little desperate, and it is difficult to see how his current tactics will win him more Democratic voters in May.