GOP Gov. Larry Hogan Calls Out The Hypocrisy Of Ron DeSantis

Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD) called Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for the hypocrisy surrounding his attack on Disney.


Transcript via CNN’s State Of The Union:

BASH: Your fellow Republican governor, DeSantis in Florida, he

suggested that he will retaliate against Disney after it criticized Florida’s so-called don’t say gay bill, which bans particular instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom.

What’s your reaction to that? And then, more broadly, what do you make of that legislation? It’s a law, I should say.

HOGAN: Well, I didn’t — I didn’t really actually see the details of the legislation, but the whole thing seems like just a crazy fight.

I’m not sure — it concerns me that DeSantis is always talking about he was not demanding that businesses do things, but he was telling the cruise lines what they had to do. He was telling local schools what — mandating. And now he wants to criticize Disney for expressing how they feel about that bill.

I mean, they have every right to. We have a thing called freedom of speech. They can come out and say what they think. I think the bill was kind of absurd and not something that would have happened in our state.

It is blatant hypocrisy that DeSantis claims to be pro-business and pro-freedom tet he spends his time trying to limit the freedom of businesses, schools, and others through mandates.

DeSantis is a mini-Trump. He is running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. Gov. Hogan has also been floated as a potential Republican presidential candidate in 2024.

Republicans like DeSantis and Trump aren’t real conservatives. They are autocrats who use the language of personal liberty while squashing the freedoms of others. 

Larry Hogan is a throwback blue-state Republican, but there is little room in Trump’s cult of personality party for people like the governor from Maryland.

Larry Hogan calls out Ron DeSantis
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