Jamie Raskin Explains The Connection The 1/6 Committee Is Looking For That Would Nail Trump

1/6 Committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) explained that the Committee is looking to connect the Capitol attack to Trump’s coup.


Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Well, you can hear me. I mean, are you concerned that at the end of this investigation, you’re not going to find what it sounds like you’re looking for, which is substantiation of a- of a link between a pressure campaign to change the election results and the events of January 6th itself. Are you confident you’ll get that and you will be able to make a criminal referral to the Justice Department?

REP. RASKIN: Well, no, I think you put your finger on it. I mean, we know there were two things going on and one was a violent insurrection that included a mob riot which injured 150 of our officers with broken jaws and broken necks and broken vertebrae and so on. And then that was led by domestic violent extremist groups like The Proud Boys, who, you know, then President Trump had told to stand back and stand by the Oath Keepers, the three percenters, people who have been charged with seditious conspiracy, which means conspiracy to overthrow the government. They shut down the counting of Electoral College votes for the first time in American history. Didn’t even happen when Lincoln took-took the presidency, 1861. Okay. So there was that violent insurrection, but then there was an attempt at an inside coup, what the political scientists call a self-coup, not a coup against a president, but a coup that’s orchestrated by the president against the constitutional system. And what we’re looking for is the connections between the inside political coup and the violent insurrection. And I do feel confident we’re going to be able to tell that story.

If the 1/6 Committee can connect the Capitol attack to Trump’s coup, it will be able to make a criminal referral to the Department of Justice. Republicans and Trump defenders have been hanging their hats on the idea that the Capitol attack had nothing to do with Trump.

However, if the attack was a planned part of the coup, it takes the criminality of January 6th to a different level.

If the Committee connects the dots, Trump could be toast.