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Jared Kushner Answered Questions From The 1/6 Committee And Gave Them Info

Jared Kushner sat with the 1/6 Committee and answered their questions and gave them information, according to Rep. Zoe Lofgren.

Video of 1/6 Committee member Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) on CNN:

Lofgren told CNN’s Jim Acosta, “Well, as you noted, we can’t go into the testimony unless there’s been a vote of the committee to release the information which has not occurred in this case. But you can imagine if the interview went on all day long which it did, that there was information exchanged and we appreciate that Mr. Kushner came in, and we’re hoping to hear from his wife, the president’s daughter, as you know, we sent her a letter asking, and we hope that she will follow the path taken by Mr. Kushner. ”

Acosta asked Lofgren if Kushner was combative during the interview, “He was not combative. He was precise, and he didn’t volunteer anything, but he did answer questions. If he remembered the answers. So it was not a combative or a, you know, volatile exchange at all.”

Jared Kushner likely faces very little jeopardy from the committee. He apparently saw what was about to go down, and left the country,  It is interesting that Kushner showed up and talked to the committee.

Those who won’t show up or answer questions apparently have something to hide. Who knows if Kushner told the committee everything that he knows, but few people spent more time with Trump during his presidency than Kushner, and the son in law apparently is not willing to risk going to jail for Donald Trump.


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