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Matt Gaetz Refuses To Answer When Asked Why He Voted Against Punishing Russia

Matt Gaetz voted against ending Russia’s preferred trade status with the US, and when asked why, he refused to answer.

Erik Wasson of Bloomberg News tweeted:

Only Marjorie Taylor Greene, Thomas Massie, and Gaetz voted no. The same bill passed the Senate by a vote of 100-0, so which means that just three Republicans in the entire Congress voted against stripping Russia of its trade status.

If Gaetz will cast a vote so blindly loyal to Putin, he owes to his constituents to explain why.

Matt Gaetz is facing a multiple felony federal indictment for crimes related to child sex trafficking, so if there were ever someone in Congress who could be blackmailed or influenced by the Russians, it would be Rep. Gaetz.

Maybe the Russians are helping with his criminal defense? Perhaps they have made a deal with the Florida Congressman?

All of these questions deserve answers, and the one that Gaetz is most afraid to answer in public is why he continues to support Putin and Russia.

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