Putin Shut Out As Senate Votes 100-0 To Ban Russian Energy Imports

Every single US Senator voted to ban Russian energy imports and to end Russia’s trade status with the US.

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted:

Before the trade status vote, Senate Majority Leader Schumer thanked Republicans for working with Democrats to get the bill done. “So today’s votes approving PNTR revocation are significant. It is very important that the Senate pass this bill. And like I said, I want to sincerely thank Senator Crapo, as well as Senators Manchin and Cardin and Wyden and Murkowski and Menendez and all others who worked in good faith with us together on these measures. We wouldn’t have reached this outcome without their diligence and good faith.”


Putin has been having much more success with his agenda in the Republican House caucus if success is defined as picking up roughly 2-8 votes on each measure about the invasion of Ukraine.

As the atrocities and war crimes grow by the day, even senators who spout Putin talking points, like Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), cannot stand with Russia.

The Russians spent years building the Putin GOP, but without Trump as their leader in the White House, Putin has greatly overestimated his ability to divide the United States and keep the nation from effectively responding to his war crimes in Ukraine.