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Russia Booted Off Of The UN Human Rights Council For War Crimes

Russia was voted off of the UN Human Rights Council for crimes and atrocities that its soldiers have committed in Ukraine.

Via CNN:

The United Nations General Assembly has voted to suspend Russia from the Human Rights Council during a meeting Thursday. The voting result: in favor 93; against 24; abstention 58.

In a draft of the resolution, the UNGA said the General Assembly would “suspend the rights of membership in the Human Rights Council of a member of the Council that commits gross and systematic violations of human rights.”

Putin is having a bad day around the world. The US Senate passed legislation to revoke Russia’s trade status and legislatively ban Russian energy imports on top of being booted off of the UN Human Rights Council.

The vote confirming that at least two-thirds of members believe that Russia has violated human rights in Ukraine is a step toward what might be an inevitable war crimes trial for the Putin regime for the crimes against humanity that they are committing against the Ukrainian people.

Putin is losing his war both in Ukraine and in the global community, but justice won’t be served until he is held accountable for his crimes.

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