Washington Post Hires Trump Conservative As Paper’s Anti-Biden Push Grows

The Washington Post is becoming more overt in its shift to the right by hiring a Trump culture war conservative.

Eric Blair tweeted:

Here is the kind of writing that Willick has brought to the Post:

In 2021, it was reported that bosses at The Washington Post were worried that the paper was moving too far to the left, so that is why there has been an increase in negative coverage of Biden and the hiring of more Trumpist contributors.

The Washington Post Isn’t Worried About Facts And Truth But Calculating To Appeal For Clicks

The fundamental problem with what is happening at The Washington Post and other mainstream outlets are that they are putting the truth and facts behind calculating to appeal for clicks and revenue.

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There should be no need for The Washington Post to worry about whether the paper is left or right. The primary objective of the paper should be to provide facts and inform readers.

Both sidesism flourishes in the corporate media because organizations like The Post, which is described as a very top-down structure, a.k.a. this isn’t Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman in All The President’s Men. The Post is a big corporation, and they need to generate reads and clicks to make money.

The Post is pining for the return of Donald Trump, who legitimized corporate media by treating them like they were the only media that existed or counted.

The leftward appearance of many of these corporate organizations is just marketing. The reality is that if needless Biden criticism gets clicks, that is where The Washington Post and others will go, but their goal isn’t to inform you, but like any other corporation, the only objective is to make money.