Rachel Maddow Returns To MSNBC On April 11

Rachel Maddow is returning to her MSNBC show on April 11, but for how long remains unclear, as she is expected to exit for a reduced schedule.

The Wrap reported:

After more than two months off, Rachel Maddow is finally returning to helm her nightly MSNBC show. She’ll return to host “The Rachel Maddow Show” full time on Monday, April 11, individuals with knowledge of the matter tell TheWrap.


As Maddow returns, big questions remain about her role at MSNBC. It was reported last year that she wants to transition away from her nightly show, MSNBC’s highest rated show. 

It was reported around the same period as MSNBC’s negotiations with Keith Olbermann to take over Maddow’s show that her departure was set for sometime in May, which would suggest that Maddow is back to do one last 6 week or so stretch of nightly shows before she cuts back to a reduced schedule.

Since MSNBC has yet to announce a permanent replacement for Maddow’s nightly show, those plans may still be up in the air, but one thing is certain, her new contract calls for an end to Maddow’s nightly hosting duties, Rachel Maddow will be moving on to other projects for NBC/MSNBC/Peacock, so TRMS fans should turn in beginning Monday for what could be the final stretch of nightly shows.