Herschel Walker Skips US Senate Debate Then Faceplants On Fox

Maria Bartiromo did her propagandistic best, but not even she could save Herschel Walker from changing his story on graduating college and claiming people are jealous of him.

Video of Walker:

Bartiromo tried to frame Walker being exposed as lying about his academic and business records as attacks due to his popularity.

Walker responded, “Well, you know what’s so funny? I did graduate high school as one of the top students in my class, so they can continue to attack me all they want to, but I don’t care. When they’re attacking me, that’s meaning they’re getting jealous of — jealous of me. The people of Georgia know I’m the top one for this job, even my opponent on the Republican side know that I’m the one to win this side.”

People who fact-check Herschel Walker and call out his lies about everything from his success in business to his academic record are just people who are jealous of him.

Walker skipped the first Georgia Republican primary Senate debate on Saturday, as the campaign’s strategy is to not let the voters see or hear the candidate that they are voting for.

One doesn’t need to listen to Walker talk for more than a few minutes to understand that he is in way over his head in this Senate race. Walker has no plan for Georgia. He babbles about leadership, energy independence, and how he is the right person for the job, but he never actually says what he will do if he is elected to the Senate.

Fox News and Bartiromo were putting their thumbs on the scales of the Georgia Republican Senate primary to get Walker over the finish line.

Republicans are worried that Walker is going to lose Georgia for them, and his faceplant of a Fox News interview with Bartiromo doing everything that she could to hold him up doesn’t bode well for the GOP in November.


Herschel Walker talks to Maria Bartiromo
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