Marjorie Taylor Greene promises to impeach Biden and Harris

Marjorie Taylor Greene Says House Republicans Will Impeach Biden And Harris Next Year

Last updated on September 25th, 2023 at 02:54 pm

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said that House would Republicans will impeach President Biden and Vice President Harris if they win the majority.


Greene said at Matt Gaetz’s reelection campaign kickoff that House Republicans would impeach President Biden for Hunter Biden’s laptop, then added, “Here’s what we do after that we too impeach Kamala Harris, because you can’t encourage, and promote, and raise money for criminal rioters, and expect to serve the interest of the people, the great people of the United States. That is a conflict of interest.”

House Republicans Aren’t Hiding Their Plan To Impeach Biden

The Trump/Putin GOPers are looking for revenge over Trump’s two impeachments, and they intend to impeach President Biden and Vice President Harris.

Kevin McCarthy has already shown that he is beholden to Greene and the other right-wing extremists in the House caucus. He will not lift a finger to stop Greene from pushing for Biden and Harris to be impeached.

House Republicans aren’t going to do anything to govern if they win the majority in November. They will use their power to impeach President Biden and try to set Trump up for the 2024 election.

The House GOP is not hiding the plan, but it may backfire on them and remind voters of why they should never be in power again.


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