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Judge Blasts Trump After Throwing 1/6 Rioter In Jail

A federal judge had strong words about Trump’s behavior after he sent a convicted 1/6 rioter to jail.

After sending 1/6 rioter, Dustin Thompson to jail after he was convicted of six crimes related to the Capitol attack federal judge Reggie Walton said,The insurgency, and it was in effect that, is very troubling. I think our democracy is in trouble because unfortunately, we have charlatans, like the former President, in my view, who don’t care about democracy and only care about power.”

Thompson is the 1/6 defendant whose defense was that he was ordered to attack the Capitol by Donald Trump. His defense was rejected by the court, but the judge made his feelings about Trump’s behavior clear.

The courts have been the one guardrail that has stayed upright during the Trump-led attack on democracy. The Capitol criminals can’t blame Trump for their decision to storm the Capitol and commit crimes.

Trump incited them, but the defendants chose to break the law.

The courts have consistently condemned Trump and his coup plot. Multiple judges have warned that democracy is in danger because of Donald Trump. It is time for the rest of America to listen to the warnings because the next time a coup is attempted, the country might not be so lucky.

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