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Sen. Ron Johnson Loses Votes In Wisconsin By Defending Tax Cuts For The Rich

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) claimed that he was cutting taxes for the many when he voted to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations.

Scott Bauer of the AP quoted Johnson:

Sen. Ron Johnson was lying. The vast majority of the benefits from the Trump tax cuts went to the wealthiest taxpayers. One percent of taxpayers who make over $500,000 a year got 23% of the benefits that Johnson voted for. Fifty percent of taxpayers who make less than $50,000 a year only got 6% of the benefits.

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The numbers say that Sen. Johnson voted for a tax cut for the top few at the expense of the many.

Ron Johnson is worth more than $50 million, so he definitely benefited from the tax cuts for the rich that he voted for.

It is almost as if Ron Johnson is trying to lose votes in Wisconsin. There are a few less popular positions that an incumbent could take by justifying tax cuts for the rich that were paid for by everyone else.

Once the Republican appeals to the angry electorate are peeled away, it is clear that nothing has changed with the GOP.  Senators like Ron Johnson are only out to take care of their fellow one-percenters.

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