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Republicans Are Telling Voters To Boycott Trump’s Ohio Rally

Ohio Republicans are asking voters to boycott Trump’s rally with J.D. Vance, and if they go, they are asked to boo Vance.

Here is the message from Josh Mandel’s Ohio allies, the Ohio Values Voters:

Trump has turned the Ohio Republican Senate primary into a dumpster fire. Of course, this is the primary where a fistfight nearly broke out between candidates Mike Gibbons on Josh Mandel, so Trump just threw gasoline on the situation when he endorsed Vance.

Polling shows a tight race between Mandel and Gibbons. One recent poll has Vance in second, but J.D. Vance is leading in none of the polls. Mandel is taking aim at Vance because he is worried that with Trump’s endorsement, J.D. Vance might be able to pull enough of his voters away to hand the nomination to Mike Gibbons.

Trump has lost much influence that even Republicans are being urged to go to his rally and boo his chosen candidate. Ohio, just like Georgia and Pennsylvania, is enduring a primary that is total chaos, but in the Buckeye State voters may express their displeasure with Trump’s meddling in their election with some loud boos.

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