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Adam Schiff Nails Marjorie Taylor Greene And 1/6 House Republicans

Rep. Schiff (D-CA) said that Greene and other House Republicans violated the Constitution, and there are questions of culpability for the 1/6 attack.

Video of Rep. Schiff on Rachel Maddow:

Rep. Schiff said:

 I think it is very important, to the degree that members of Congress or the White House or the former president had as a part of their plan to bring that mob into the Capitol, this was a way to break into the building, of trying to interrupt, disrupt, the joint session going on inside. And particularly, if the members of the administration understood that there would be the participation of these violent, racist white nationalist groups, I think that raises the culpability of those involved. I would also say you asked whether Marjorie Taylor Greene — one thing is abundantly clear. 

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And that is, they were violating their oath of office. They were violating their pledge to uphold the constitution. Members of Congress had suggested that the president used martial law. I can’t imagine a more flagrant violation of our sworn oath to defend the constitution. Sadly, that’s not disqualifying. — evidently, what disqualifies you in today’s GOP is if you do uphold your oath and if you are willing to tell the truth, that puts you on a track outside of McCarthy and Trump’s GOP.

Rep. Schiff was correct. All of these people may have culpability if plotted to get rioters to march to the Capitol to disrupt the joint session of Congress. At a minimum, these Republicans violated the Constitution and their oaths of office.

Chairman Schiff said that he had not made a determination yet if criminal charges should be filed against members of Congress, but the plot reached multiple branches of government, and it is a safe bet that laws were broken.

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