Marjorie Taylor Greene Incriminates Herself During Confrontation With Jim Acosta

CNN’s Jim Acosta confronted Marjorie Taylor Greene over her martial law text, and Greene exploded and ended up suddenly remembering the text.


Acosta started by asking Greene that she seemed to not recall a lot, so what’s going on there?

Greene gave a nervous laugh and then complained that Acosta was presenting an incorrect image of her on his show.

As they continued to walk down the sidewalk, Acosta asked Greene if she had sent the martial law text. Greene said again that she didn’t recall.

Greene then asked Acosta if he had read the text message, then told him what it said, and said that he was “lying right now.”

How is it that Greene can’t remember if she sent the text or not, but she can interpret the entire text for Acosta without seeing it?

Acosta asked her why she brought it up, and Greene said, “You know what your problem? You’re one of those liars on television, and people hate it. They can’t stand the liars.”

Greene then got Acosta to get out his phone and read the text out loud.

Jim Acosta Gets Greene To Incriminate Herself On Martial Law Text

Acosta said, “But you said you don’t recall it.”

Greene said, “I don’t know if that is my text message or not.”

If it isn’t her text message, how is she able to quote from it and spin a meaning?

Jim Acosta pushed Greene in the slightest little bit, and she showed that she sent the text and she knew exactly what was in it.

Later in the exchange with Acosta, Greene tried to double back and say that the text was “supposedly” her’s, but the toothpaste was out of the tube.

Rep. Greene showed ownership and knowledge of the text.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has not had a good day. She got ripped to shreds by Rep. Jaime Raskin on the House floor for being a Putin cheerleader. Her press conference was a disaster, and to top it off, Jim Acosta caused her to incriminate herself.


Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Acosta
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