The Lincoln Project’s New Genius Ad Is Psychological Warfare On McCarthy And Trump

The Lincoln Project is running a new ad targeting Trump’s eyes about how Kevin McCarthy is laughing at him behind closed doors.


The ad is running on Fox News in Palm Beach, Florida, so it is being shown on Trump’s TV.

The ad highlights the fact that McCarthy told Liz Cheney that he would resign, suggested that McCarthy is using the money that he is raising to block Trump candidates, and stop the Trump agenda. The ad tells Trump that McCarthy is laughing at him behind closed doors.

“Kevin McCarthy lied to reporters about not wanting Donald Trump to resign, and Kevin’s lying now about supporting Trump,” said Reed Galen. “Kevin is lying to his donors to keep the money flowing, and he’s betting that Trump’s a sucker who’ll buy his excuses. But with Tucker Carlson turning on him and calling him a Democratic shill, Kevin may not be laughing much longer.”

The Lincoln Project is in Trump’s head, and they know that his malleable mind is influenced by what he sees on Fox News. If McCarthy loses Trump, McCarthy will never become Speaker.

For now, Republicans are sticking with McCarthy, but they are also raising questions about what he is saying about them behind their backs.

The Lincoln Project sees the Republican distrust of McCarthy and looking to exploit Trump’s paranoia and split the Republican Party.