Joe Biden

Biden New Brilliant Move To Cripple Putin Is To Waive Certain Visa Requirement For Highly Educated Russians

President Biden will relax US visa requirements for highly educated Russians who want to leave, thus taking away innovators from Putin.

It is becoming clear that Putin messed with the wrong president when he invaded Ukraine. As Vice President, one of Biden’s responsibilities in the Obama administration was working with Ukraine against Russian aggression.

Joe Biden knows exactly what he is doing.

The administration won’t say it, but their goal appears to be to not only help Ukraine win but to also make sure that Putin never invades another country again.

If the administration’s policy was only focused on Ukraine, Biden would not be taking long-term steps that would weaken Putin.

President Biden has stepped up and been there for Ukraine and global democracy. Biden is the primary reason why much of the rest of the world has rallied to Ukraine’s side and provided the equipment and infrastructure that Ukraine needs to win the war potentially.

Biden has outsmarted Putin at every turn, and he now intends to provoke a brain drain by allowing Russian innovators an easier path to the United States.

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