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Trevor Noah Delivers The Ultimate Takedown Of Peter Doocy

Trevor Noah called out Peter Doocy for asking about Hunter Biden all of the time while he used his dad’s name to get his job.


Trevor Noah said:

And that’s why we are really here people. We are here to honor the media. 

So first and foremost. Let’s give it up for the white house press pool. Let’s give it up for them please! You guys, you guys are relentless. Every day you show up, and every day you demand answers on the pressing issues of the day. 

And then Fox News asked about Hunter Biden. And I’ll be honest though, I think that’s a good thing. I really do. I think people need to be held accountable if they are using their dad’s names to get ahead. And I can’t think of anyone better to ask about that than Peter Doocy. , Yeah. Wherever he is. Chris Wallace laughed at that.

If Peter didn’t share a last name and half of his DNA with the long-time host of Fox and Friends, he would not be a White House correspondent right now.

It should not be lost on anyone that the reporter Fox News has asking the White House about Joe Biden’s son has probably benefited more from nepotism than anyone not named Trump who has set foot in the White House in the last decade-plus.

As usual at the WHCD, when they bring a comedian who brings the truth to the conversation it creates uncomfortable moments in the crowd, and Trevor Noah made more than a few folks squirm with his Peter Doocy takedown.


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