Donald Trump

Fox News And Conservative Media Ignore Trump’s Dementia Like J.D. Mandel Moment

Right-wing media, including Fox News, has intentionally ignored Trump’s dementia-like moment not remembering J.D. Vance’s name.

Video of Trump:

Trump said, “They are waiting for one race. We’ve endorsed Dr. Oz. Endorsed JP.JP Mandel. He’s doing great, and they are all doing good.”

Trump is positioning himself as the 2024 Republican nominee, so the fact that he can’t remember the name of someone that has not only endorsed but rallied with just a couple of weeks ago is important.

In echoes of North Korea, right-wing media is ignoring signs that the “dear leader” is having some problems:

Instead of leading Republicans to a midterm victory, Trump is spreading chaos in every race that he touches. Trump has split Republicans in Nebraska over the governor’s race. He has caused absolute chaos in the Senate races in Georgia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania with his endorsements.

The right has gone silent as Trump continues to show some signs of serious mental decline. If this gaffe were committed by Joe Biden, it would be played on a loop on Fox News, and right-wing websites would be pushing it out 24/7.

Donald Trump is only doing one rally every week or two, and he doesn’t seem to be able to handle that schedule.

President Biden is working a full schedule, including going to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner on Saturday night and then being aboard Air Force One for a trip to Minnesota.

The Republican Party will try to hide Trump’s decline from voters by having him not participate in presidential debates if he is the nominee.

Republicans can’t hide what has happened to Trump.

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