Jen Psaki speaks to Peter Doocy at White House Press Briefing

This Exchange Between Jen Psaki And Peter Doocy Cracked Up The White House Briefing

Fox’s Peter Doocy said that he was sorry to Jen Psaki go, and Psaki’s answer had the whole White House briefing room laughing.

Video of Psaki:

Peter Doocy Says Goodbye To Jen Psaki

The exchange:

Doocy: Sorry to see you go. 

 Psaki: Are you? 

[ Laughter in the briefing room ] 

Doocy: Yes. And you always have been a good sport. 

Psaki: Thank you. As have you.

One of the things that will be missed in the briefings is Fox having Doocy ask some gonzo right-wing question, and Psaki obliterating it.

Peter Doocy will still be there to ask the crazy questions, but it will be up to Karine Jean-Pierre to do what has made Psaki so effective.

Jen Psaki has the ability to take Peter Doocy’s questions and turn them around so that Fox News did not get their desired talking point that they could use in segments for hours and days.

The Psaki/Doocy interactions made the briefings fun after Trump had all but made them go extinct, and on the off chance that a briefing was held, it was often dark, contentious, ugly, and fact-free.

In about a week, it will be up to Karine Jean-Pierre to make sure that Doocy and Fox can’t use the briefing as a platform for misinformation.



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