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Biden Has Created 50 Times More Month To Month Jobs Than The Last 3 GOP Presidents Combined

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 01:51 pm

This is an incredible statistic. President Biden has created 50 times more month-to-month jobs than the last three Republican presidents combined.

Simon Rosenberg of NDN tweeted:

Any way that one wants to slice the Biden job growth data, it is impressive. Biden is accomplishing jobs data that has never been done in the modern era.

The media has put a negative spin on the jobs numbers because they have decided that everything that President Biden does related to the economy will receive a negative spin because secretly the corporate-owned mainstream media is rooting for Republicans to win the midterm elections because they want chaos and dysfunction in the government.

Corporate journalists are complaining that Democratically controlled government is competent and boring, so these numbers will not be highlighted by any corporate media outlet.

The job growth did not happen by accident. Biden’s economic plan has worked. He has delivered the job growth that Donald Trump promised plus exponentially more. 

The Democratic Party is the party of jobs, and the biggest job creator of the last several decades is President Joe Biden.

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