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Ted Cruz Who Incited The 1/6 Attack Accuses Biden Of Using Mob Violence To Threaten SCOTUS

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) called the left and mob and claimed that President Biden is threatening the lives of Supreme Court Justices.


Ted Cruz Claims Biden Is Leading Mob Violence Against SCOTUS

Cruz said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Sen. Cruz said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

Well, that was the intent of this clerk. We’ve got left-wing groups now that have published the addresses of justices. The intent of this clerk was to bully, threaten and intimidate the justices into changing their votes. And it was shameful that the White House refused to condemn violent protestors threatening the families of the supreme court. 

It is disgraceful, and Joe Biden used to be chairman of the Judiciary Committee. He knows it’s disgraceful. He’s literally threatening the lives of these justices by the mob they’re unleashing. It’s the same thing we saw with black lives matter and Antifa riots where the left embraced them, and now they’re embracing mob violence to get their partisan outcome.

Ted Cruz And Trump Incited Mob Violence On 1/6

Inciting mob violence to get a desired political outcome is what Donald Trump and Ted Cruz did on 1/6. There is video of rioters in the Capitol saying that they were doing what Ted Cruz wanted.

Even Dr. Fauci nailed Ted Cruz for inciting the 1/6 attack.

It is a classic case of projection for Ted Cruz to suggest that Joe Biden is trying to “mob violence,” which is what Republicans are calling women who don’t want their rights taken away from them and are engaging in peaceful protest these days.

If anyone deserves to be prosecuted for inciting a violent attack that is intended to achieve partisan political objectives, it is Ted Cruz.

What Cruz referred to as a mob is just the Americans peacefully expressing the fact that they will not stand by quietly and allow their rights to be stolen.

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