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SNL Cast Members, Benedict Cumberbatch Powerfully Protest Overturning Roe

On SNL, guest host Benedict Cumberbatch, several cast members, and musical guest Arcade Fire’s Win Butler took their final bows wearing 1973 tees.

Here was the scene:

Republicans and conservatives are trying to comfort themselves by thinking that overturning Roe won’t be that damaging politically for them, but it doesn’t take much effort or putting one’s ear to the ground for very long until the rumble that is growing into an electoral backlash and explosion can be heard.

It fits with the conservative mentality that they would believe that women and men who are pro-choice would sit back and take the dehumanization of a majority of the population and theft of their rights.

SNL also ripped apart Alito’s reasoning for overturning Roe in the cold open:

The Republican majority on the Supreme Court is to make America the disgrace of the free world.

Republicans are angry about the leak of the draft opinion not because of some breach of secrecy but because their plan was exposed. There will be no shock and awe when the decision is announced.

The American people are organizing and will be ready to fight back at the ballot box in November.

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