Joe Biden

Biden Endorses Peaceful Roe v. Wade Protests On SCOTUS Justices

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a tweet that Biden supports the peaceful choice protests, but condemns any violence, threats, or vandalism.

Biden Supports The Rights Of Pro-Choice Protesters

Psaki tweeted:

In other words, President Biden supports the First Amendment, but people shouldn’t do anything illegal or jeopardize the safety of judges.

Psaki’s tweet should not be controversial, especially since the last president wanted to mobilize the military and shoot George Floyd protesters. 

The Biden administration is correct. The American people have a right to protest the theft of rights of a majority of the popularity by an unelected and unaccountable Supreme Court majority that has a lifetime appointment to the bench.

The Biden administration tweet appears to be a response to Sen. Ted Cruz and others on the right who are claiming that President Biden is mobilizing mobs of people to attack Supreme Court justices.

President Biden respects the constitutional rights of all Americans, and that includes the right to safely protest against a draft majority opinion by the Supreme Court overturning Roe.

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