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Pentagon Moves to Seize Nearly $40K Paid to Michael Flynn for Kremlin Gala

Newsweek is reporting that the Army will seize $38, 557 that Russian Television (“RT”) paid Flynn to attend a Kremlin Gala, the one in which he sat next to Putin. This picture has been shown all over the world, and its underlying meaning and symbolism only increases by the day:

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Now we hear that Flynn was paid to be there by the Russians and the Army wants that money back. As we have all learned since the Trump administration, it is illegal for a government employee (Flynn was still in the military at the time) to receive gifts under the emoluments clause. Per Newsweek:

In a May 2 letter, the Army said Flynn may have violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution—which states that no person holding office can accept a gift from a foreign state—after he was paid by state-controlled television network Russia Today to attend a gala in December 2015.

Flynn was interviewed on stage at the event, where he was also seated alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It would be entirely reasonable to ask why it was that the head of the United States Defense Intelligence Agency at the time, the Pentagon’s top spy, would be paid to dine with Vladimir Putin and why the Army General would have any interest in so doing. The answer to the question might partly explain President Obama’s decision to fire Flynn.

“The Army has determined that you did not obtain the necessary approvals before engaging in employment activities with Russia Today (RT), a foreign government-controlled entity,”

Flynn is not happy about the decision:

Flynn, who has since turned into one of the leading figures in the QAnon conspiracy theory movement, told the far-right Real America’s Voice network that the DoD is targeting him as they “do not want me coming back into government in any capacity.”

Correct. The military does not want to see Flynn back in the government in any capacity. It is good to see that the man who believes that 5G is meant to awaken “pathogens” that will turn us into brain-eating zombies recognizes reality in certain circumstances.



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