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Republicans Are Looking To Force Marjorie Taylor Greene Into A Georgia Runoff

Republicans in Georgia are focusing on keeping Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene under 50% on primary day and forcing her into a runoff.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Could Be Headed For A Runoff

Bloomberg Government reported:

“If we can get Marjorie to a runoff, I have a feeling a lot of outside support will flow directly to Jennifer once they realize, ‘Wow, this is really in play,’” said Julie Conway, who runs a PAC, Value in Electing Women, that supports Strahan and other Republican women running for Congress.


“If you’re one of the other five candidates in that race, your goal has to be coming in second place and holding Marjorie Taylor Greene under 50” percent, Georgia Republican consultant Chip Lake said. “If you can do those two things, then you live to fight another day.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Primary Opponents Want To Get Her To A Runoff Where Anything Could Happen

There is an assumption that because Greene represents a solidly red House district, she is popular back home, but Greene’s district was drawn and some of her most intense supporters were replaced with black voters. This development doesn’t mean that Democrats could beat the congresswoman in November, but it does open the door to a potentially successful primary challenge.

Republicans who oppose Marjorie Taylor Greene think that they have a chance to beat her in a runoff, but to test their theory, her opponents must first stop Greene from capturing a majority of the vote.

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