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Georgia Voters Appeal To Get Marjorie Taylor Greene Kicked Off Of The Ballot

Georgia voters have appealed to the state Superior Court to get Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene thrown off the ballot.

According to a statement from Free Speech For People provided to PoliticusUSA:

In the appeal, the voters cite four issues with the Secretary of State’s decision and the initial ruling by the administrative law judge. First, the Georgia Supreme Court has held that the burden of establishing one’s eligibility to run for public office is on the candidate.  The administrative law judge erred by shifting the burden from the candidate to the voter challengers.
Second, the administrative law judge erred in denying the voter challengers’ request for Greene to produce communications and other materials related to her involvement in the January 6 insurrection. Third, the decision did not properly consider Greene’s conduct prior to taking the oath of office which included months of conduct promoting violence. 
Finally, the administrative law judge erred in applying the incorrect legal standard for “engaging” in insurrection, defining “engaging” as a “months of planning and plotting to bring about the Invasion,” as opposed to the legal definition of engagement as “a voluntary effort to assist the Insurrection.”

Voters Are Continuing To TryTo Get Marjorie Taylor Greene Disqualified

It was clear to anyone who watched Greene’s hearing that the judge had zero interest in removing the Georgia congresswoman from the ballot. The voters are going to continue their fight to get Greene, who has since been proven to have wanted Trump to declare martial law disqualified from appearing on the Georgia ballot.

Greene may also end up facing a runoff, as even in her deep red district, a substantial number of Republicans have grown tired of her act.

The writing is on the wall as plenty of Georgians don’t want Marjorie Taylor Greene in Congress.


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