‘They’re Not Wearing Hoods Now’: Fox and Right Wing News Finally Being Held to Account for ‘Replacement Theory’

Sadly, Tucker Carlson adopted, taught, and since reinforced the underlying issue in what’s come to be called “The Great Replacement Theory” at least as far back as two years ago. Everyone, from the Fox audience itself, to furious liberals, watched as it became more and more normalized. That normalization is dominating this morning’s discussion in every form of media, from CNN, to Twitter, to traditional print.  Certainly, the attention is needed but, sadly, it is far too late for any acceptable answers. The damage may be done for a generation.

From S.E. Cupp on CNN: (Video Below)

“But there is a cause and effect to amplifying this garbage, and some of the consequences are intended, right?” she continued. “It stirs up racial animus, ethnic and religious animus, that has the intended effect of turning neighbor against neighbor and getting people angry and afraid. Growing that base that is angry and afraid is part of the consequence, that’s how it spreads.”

It is not by accident, either, or even just for ratings, though Tucker’s salary is probably two-thirds dependent upon anger and hatred. People then run on it intentionally:

The next consequence is those people go out and vote for characters who believe in that, folks like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Lauren Boebert or name your nationalist or anti-Semitic or conspiracy theorist, those people get elevated,” she elaborated. “Finally, those people run, right, and you get more Kathy Barnettes who spew Islamaphobic and anti-LGBTQ stuff, conspiracy theories. They feel empowered to run because this garbage that was once disqualifying has been so mainstreamed by political leaders and far right-wing media that they are not wearing hoods anymore.

It is not ironic, indeed it is inherent, that any fascist movement needs an “other,” a portion of society that is to be blamed for a nation’s problems. Just look at every single tweet or interview coming from the far right. They tell us to ignore the issues in Ukraine, focus on the disaster at our border. After all, brown babies are taking formula from white American babies.

Elise Stefanik made an entire trip for this picture (or one like it):

And it is an absolute “must” for any candidate:

Trump makes his endorsements now, especially for first time candidates, by referencing the candidate as an “American First” candidate, replacing the “MAGA” moniker. Obviously, it’s not by accident and has a significant history.

Fingers are being pointed at surprising places, correctly:

And, of course, the biggest problem comes from the biggest show. We return to where we started. The single most watched news program in the nation strongly, and unapologetically introduced a massive audience, that then grew, upon learning about this hate-based view:

So, yes, Cupp put it correctly. They are not wearing hoods anymore. They are wearing Trump’s endorsement and speaking into microphones, not bonfires. Terrifyingly, as horrific as things stand right now, they can get much, much, worse and there is no reason to think that it can be turned around any quicker than it came on. And we all know how this has been bubbling up with increasing heat for a long time.


Jason Miciak

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