Democracy On The Ballot In PA: Josh Shapiro Promises To Nominate A Pro-Democracy Secretary Of State If Elected

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D) has pledged to nominate a Secretary of State that will defend democracy.

Shapiro tweeted:

Shapiro’s pledge is important because in Pennsylvania, the Secretary of State is not an elected position. The governor nominates the Secretary of State, and Shapiro’s opponent Doug Mastriano planned a 1/6 rally and was at the Capitol the day of the attack.

Mastriano is a Trump ally who believes that the 2020 election was stolen, is a Qanon devotee, and has been questioned by both the FBI and the 1/6 Committee about the attack.

State Sen. Mastriano was not the state Republican Party’s chosen candidate for governor, but in a crowded field that refused to narrow, he won the nomination in a divided contest.

The fate of the 2024 election could hang in the balance as the integrity of the vote in Pennsylvania will be under threat if Mastriano is elected governor.

Attorney General Shapiro is popular in the state and the favorite in the election, but nothing should be taken for granted because democracy is literally on the ballot in PA.