Fox News Admits It’s Not News By Refusing To Show 1/6 Hearings

Fox News officially admitted that it would not be televising the 1/6 Committee hearings which is proof that Fox is news in name only.

Fox News made it official:

Fox News Admits They’re Not News

The decision by Fox to not cover the hearings that every other news network is covering is an admission by behavior that Fox News isn’t really news. Trump and his allies are trying to mount a counterprogramming propaganda effort against the hearings, and Fox News will be their megaphone.

As Laurence Tribe put it:

The flaw in this strategy is that while the rest of the country will be discussing the 1/6 Committee hearings, Fox and its viewers will be reinforcing the bubble of partisan propaganda.

Republicans have abandoned traditional media and the concept of reaching out to the American people with their message. The GOP believes that the Fox News bubble is America. The Republican Party should have learned when Trump ran a Fox News presidential campaign and lost in 2020, but they are returning to the well of failure again.

Fox isn’t news, and every political and media organization must stop treating it as such.

The network has no interest in news coverage. Fox (not) News is the propaganda arm of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

Tucker Carlson on Fox News
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